St. Aidan's Justice and Peace Group


 What's the Justice and Peace Group all about?

The St. Aidan's Justice and Peace Group works with and on behalf of the parish to organise and run events that:

  • Focus the parish's attention on groups and individuals who are disadvantaged or repressed.

  • Raise funds to support good causes, principally those where the beneficiaries are suffering from injustice or poverty.

The group arranges events and speakers to assist in the parish's awareness of both the issues and the ways in which we can work to help address them.

We have a core of regular members who organise these events (and are always keen to welcome others so please volunteer!) but all the activities are run within the parish, by the parish with the Justice and Peace group acting as co-ordinators.

 Justice and Peace Group Events and News

Have YOU got any suggestions?

Thanks to your support and involvement the Justice and Peace bank balance is looking rather healthy.
We are now looking for suggestions as to good causes that the parish can donate to.
This money has been raised specifically to assist justice and peace good causes both here in the UK and overseas therefore donations can only be made to causes that promote increased justice and/or peace.
If you look further down this page you can see the sorts of causes that we have supported before.  They are all recognised for their work to improve justice and peace regionally, nationally or internationally.
The Justice and Peace Group have previously been responsible for selecting these causes but feel that it would be great to have input for the wider parish.

If you have any ideas please contact a member of the Justice and Peace Group or use the contact form on this website. 
Whilst we can't donate to all the causes that are suggested the Justice and Peace Group will consider all suggestions.

Useful Links:

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This link will take you to the Diocesan webpage for Justice and Peace....